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Quick Tips For Successful Writing

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Here are some quick tips for anyone writing anything.

1. By far, the most common error I see in any published or soon to be published work is incomplete sentence structure. Can you recognize a complete sentence? Try this little test. Which one is correct?

a. Trains, planes, and cars.

b. My puppy barks a lot.

If you chose b., you are right. But, what makes b. correct and a. incorrect? In its most basic form, a complete sentence must consist of a subject and a verb. It expresses a complete thought. In example a., we only see a set of subjects. What about trains, planes, and cars? Let's complete the thought. Planes, trains, and cars provide different modes of travel. Now, we see a subject (planes, trains, and cars) with a verb (provide). The author has given the reader a full expression in proper sentence form. It seems so simple, right? Even a quick review of your document can help you to spot this common error.

2. Echo words are words or phrases that recur in sentences or paragraphs. See if you can identify my echo wording in the above tip. Echo words in the same sentence result in very boring reading. You need to keep your readers involved and engaged. One way to combat this frequent blunder is to use a thesaurus. affords a quick and easy format. Of course, you can always purchase an old fashioned printed book online or at your favorite bookstore. This handy tool should become your best friend!

3. Paragraph structure seems to be another stumbling stone for writers. Do you know the essential parts of a winning paragraph? A paragraph usually consists of at least 5 sentences. The first sentence will introduce the reader to the general subject or thought. The next 3 or more should support the introduction, and the last must offer a conclusion. The elements you add and the wording you choose can make an okay paragraph into an amazing reading engagement.

That's it for today. Watch for more tips and education bites to take your labor of love to greater heights of reading indulgence.

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